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We the People vs Coca-Cola

Your actions do not align with those of the majority of American Citizens. #walkawayfromcoke

"Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

~2 Corinthians 3:17

- April 19, 2021 –

Statement on behalf of We the People of the United States of America – The Republic


On behalf of the millions of legal, law-abiding American citizens who support the natural moral concept that every American should be free and equally worthy of dignity and respect, we adamantly disapprove of the position Coca-Cola has assumed regarding Georgia’s voting law. We disagree with your position and espouse that Georgia’s voting law provides enhanced safeguards against proven methods of voter fraud for ALL legal American citizens living in the great state of Georgia, regardless of race or socioeconomic status.

To insist the Georgia voting law suppresses the minority vote is simply asinine and discredits this class of legal American citizens. It implies minorities do not have the wherewithal to vote like other “more fortunate” American citizens. This is an attack on the character and assumed capabilities of this class of American citizens whom we embrace as our brothers and sisters in Christ. Pushing this narrative on the American people only further divides this great Nation’s citizens.

Coca-Cola used to be viewed as one of America’s great institutions. You have forever tarnished the reputation of this once-great institution with your radical support of organizations that literally loot and destroy businesses, and your support of overturning legislation that is in the best interest of ALL legal American citizens. Continue to press forward, backtrack, or push any narrative you desire, but from our vantage point you have drawn the line in the sand and made your position “crystal clear”.

We the People also have a position. We believe big businesses who support radical ideologies to the extent that they proactively donate money to institutions that harm American citizens and businesses, are not within the best interests of the citizens of this great Constitutional Republic. We also believe every one of Coca-Cola’s customers and employees should be informed of their options, and if their values and belief systems do not align with those of Coca-Cola, we can point them towards other great companies that align more with common-sense American values.

We do not advocate boycotts as a means of retaliation against any business, regardless of the opinions or positions they espouse. We support every individual’s decision to choose and as such, our organization will be initiating efforts to ensure all Americans are aware of:

(1) Coca-Cola’s position on Georgia’s voting law and how that position compares to the opinion of the majority of legal American citizens.

(2) The radical organizations Coca-Cola has financially supported, and the specific actions some of these organizations have taken that have harmed citizens, law enforcement and businesses, and negatively impacted local economies.

In addition, we will ensure the production employees of Coca-Cola, namely the truck drivers and warehouse operations employees who are responsible for maintaining supply chain continuity, are keenly aware of the beforementioned positions along with employment options of companies who provide greater compensation, benefit, and quality-of-life employment opportunities.

Finally, our national teams, which are in all 50 states, will initiate legal, non-slandering, first-amendment-protected notification campaigns informing institutional customers (hospitality, education, government, recreation, tourism, private enterprise) of the same.

American businesses and consumers have a choice, and we want all American citizens to make informed choices about the products and services they consume. We do not espouse to harm Coca-Cola in any way, our desire is simply to inform all Americans of your position and the outcomes of the radical organizations you financially support. We believed informed Americans can make good choices, especially those classified as minorities.

This letter has been sent to the following recipients:

· CEO Coca-Cola

· Coca-Cola Board of Directors

· Top 10 Coca-Cola Investors

· 50 State Governors

We are fed up with the coordinated efforts of big business, big tech, and illegitimate government pushing political agendas that are contrary to American values, and especially those that support radical ideology and institutions that are down-right dangerous to our American citizens and our way of life. Imposing radical ideological only further depredates this great nation. We are the majority, we are determined, and we are committed to defending Our American Republic – our freedoms, liberties, safety, security, and prosperity of its citizens, no matter the cost, using all lawful means guaranteed us by the United States Constitution.

On behalf of all American citizens with a spirit of ensuring America is restored to a Constitutional Republic,

We the People

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We the People Coca Cola
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