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Tier 2 ComSecCor

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Comkey: 05272022

Tahw: Flushout

Action: Disseminate Info

Message: The Truth Prevails

Comkey: 0428202201


Action: Stand by

Message: Release May Flowers

Response: "Circle back"


Comkey: 0331202201

Tahw: POTUS Com

Action: Team & Infrastructure in Place since 0000

Message: "Confirmed"

Response: "Circle back"

- March 30, 2022 –

Statement on behalf of We the People of the United States of America – The Republic


The Great Free State of Florida



Comkey: 0216202201

Tahw: Addendum - Partial Recall? Red Reaching Out

Action: L1 Transport Decoy, T-48, "Secure the Big Fish"

Message: Confirm 02172022 10:00

Response: "Circle back"

The map of tiny perfect things.

Did I miss something?

It's not just you dreaming.

Singularity? Don't count on it.

There is a master creator.

Science gathers knowledge faster than society gathers wisdom. We've taken a quantum leap. How?

An anomaly in the timeline becomes relevant when God changes the master plan.

Quantum theory is simply an illumination of God's methods.

Learning the physical mechanisms of the universe doesn't change the fact that there is a designed and creator who put them in place.

Quantum physics, like any other scientific discipline, is perfectly compatible with the Bible's teaching of God.

An anomaly becomes relevant when God changes the master plan.

X marks the spot


Comkey: 0205202201

Tahw: 4Gen

Action: True, real time, initial request

Message: Contact, 55, coms, reconciliation

Response: "Circle back"


Comkey: 0204202104

Tahw: Genesis 1

Action: False, 0-1, 12:00, initial contact

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