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Tier 1 ComSecCor

Updated: Jan 20

Comkey: 01202022

Tahw: Flushout

Action: At your convenience

Message: No safety net

Comkey: 0518202101

Tahw: Buildout

Action: Await approval

Message: Analysis, clear, build, ETA 6-8m, Headcount = 5

Comkey: 0430202101


Action: Command controlled, no notice

Message: Live 5/1 09:00

Response: All locations confirm 7liberty7 4/30 <23:59


Comkey: 0415202101

Tahw: SALUTE - Report of UN armored tanks, armored trucks, storage containers and fuel trailers behind the building at the old Kellogg’s

Action: MD Command. Target - 11841 Newgate Blvd, Hagerstown, MD

Message: Report equipment descriptions

Response: Confirm 4-16-21


Comkey: 0325202101

Tahw: Activate 3.27.2021

Action: Rally on L2, 14:00

Message: Update FL, GA, SC, NC, MD

Response: Confirm 3.26.2021

Comkey: 0315202101

Tahw: Activate 3.19.2021

Action: Transport decoy, L2 to L3

Message: Treksmart 1 = Decoy #1, Treksmart 2 = Decoy #2. Cover to L3, Simple coms, Day 5

Response: Confirm 3.18.2021

Comkey: 0311202101

Tahw: An intolerable act on this day.

Action: T~9, T-48 High probability.

Message: Comkey: 0204202104. L1 BOO Active. Where's Waldo?

Response: Report T-24

Notice: T-24-48 @T~2

Duration: 24-72

High probability (75%+) along Freedom Road.

Comkey: 0204202103

Tahw: 4Grief

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