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Target 2 - 2nd Amendment Rights

State Governors, Mayors, County Sherriff's, Local Police Departments

"Shots Fired" Initiative: Target 2

Okay patriots, ready for the next assignment? We have a tall order this week... We are asking that you participate on two fronts: (1) Mail letters to our state governors and (2) Initiate an email campaign to local Mayors, County & Local law enforcement agencies.

Target & Issue Overview

Biden and crew are at it again... they want to slowly disarm Americans so that we are defenseless. It's our God-given right to protect our citizens from any and all who attempt to trample on our freedoms or try to harm us in any way. It will not happen on our watch.


Our goal is to let our State Governors and Mayors know our position, and to ask them to stand with the American people to defend our constitutional rights. We are also initiating an email campaign to our County and Local law enforcement agencies to let them know we stand with them and to enforce the constitutional rule of law over any lawless political mandates.

STEP 1 Instructions: Letter campaign to State Governors

Step 1

Download the below letter and save to your computer.

We the People 2nd Amendment
Download PDF • 179KB

Step 2

Locate your state Governor's office address. To ensure we cover all of our Governors, we ask that each of you select 5 different state Governors to send letters to.

Step 3

Print the above letter and place one in each elected Governor's envelope.

Step 4

Address the envelope to the appropriate designee. Do not use your personal name and address for the return address - use "Our American Republic" instead. This protects you from anyone contacting you directly. (See example below). We also ask that you do not use a computer to address these - a hand-written letter will be opened and read much quicker than one printed on a computer.

Step 5

Put a stamp on each of the envelopes and mail them (you will have to be willing to pick up the tab for envelopes and stamps).

Step 6

Leave a note here on this page and let us know which state Governors you sent letters to.


You are not limited to just your state's Governors. Feel free to include as many different state Governors as you would like! The more the merrier! We want them to receive the same messages from all over the United States!

STEP 2 Instructions: Email campaign to Mayors & Law Enforcement

Step 1

Collect the email addresses of a minimum of 5 Mayors in the state in which you reside. Once collected, send an email with the following verbiage and attach a copy of the above letter to it:

Subject: Protecting Our Citizens Should be Your Highest Priority

Message: On behalf of all American citizens living in the city in which you were elected, we ask that you read the attached letter outlining the will of your local constituents. We feel our safety is at risk and we implore you to provide us with your assurance that you will follow constitutional law as it relates to our 2nd Amendment rights and local law enforcement's responsibility to defend the United States Constitution on behalf of its citizens.

With respect,

We the People

Step 2

Collect the email addresses of a minimum of 5 County Sherriff's and 5 Local Police Departments in the state in which you reside. You will need to do a little research to find these online as there is no centralized database. Once collected, send an email with the following verbiage and attach a copy of the above letter to it:

Subject: Thank You

Message: On behalf of all American citizens living in the county/city in which you protect and serve, we would like to thank you for your service.

Please review the attached letter we have mailed to your State Governor and local Mayor's offices asking them to provide the American people with assurance they will follow the constitutional rule of law as it relates to the direction they provide local law enforcement agencies. We respect our men and women in blue and are aligned with their desire to protect and serve the citizens under constitutional law, without the imposition of lawless state or local mandates designed to undermine the US Constitution.

Feel free to share our letter with all of our brave men and women in blue indicating our position of solidarity with them. We very much appreciate the sacrifice they make to protect our citizens.

With much respect,

We the People

That sums it up for this target!

You will be contacted via email when the next target is ready! Thank you for doing your part! We realize this is a small effort but every effort counts. Multiply small, incremental efforts over time and watch the positive momentum sweep across the nation!

With much respect,


"By this symbol, you will conquer."


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