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Target 1 - Immigration Reform

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

US Senators & US Representatives

"Shots Fired" Initiative: Target 1

Okay patriots, here we go! This first target is designed to get you familiarized with the process. Just follow the instructions below at your own pace... the sooner you can act, the better for a couple of reasons: (1) Timing is critical on this issue, (2) There will be weeks where we present you with multiple "targets".

Target & Issue Overview

We all know there is no immigration "crisis" at our borders. Everything that is or is not happening at the border is by design at the direction of the current administration. It's not "broken", it's simply part of their plan to destroy America.

Sending our letters to each of the federally elected representatives will demonstrate a united front from patriots located in each of the 50 states. It's unlikely our letters will make any impact but they will raise eyebrows to our efforts.


Our goal is to let our congress and senators know there is a united faction of patriots all across the United States who care about the safety, security, and prosperity of it's citizens. This will be their introduction to "We the People".


Step 1

Download the below letter and save to your computer.

We the People Border Security
Download PDF • 172KB

Step 2

Locate your state's US Senator's and US Representatives office addresses.

Step 3

Print the above letter and place one in each elected official's envelope.

Step 4

Address the envelope to the appropriate designee prefacing their name with "Honorable". Do not use your personal name and address for the return address - use "Our American Republic" instead. This protects you from anyone contacting you directly. (See example below)

Step 5

Put a stamp on each of the envelopes and mail them (you will have to be willing to pick up the tab for envelopes and stamps).

Step 6

Leave a note here on this page and let us know which representatives you sent letters to.


You are not limited to just your state's representatives. Feel free to include as many different state representatives as you would like! The more the merrier!

You will be contacted via email when the next target is ready! Thank you for doing your part! We realize this is a small effort but every effort counts. Multiply small, incremental efforts over time and watch the positive momentum sweep across the nation!

With much respect,


"By this symbol, you will conquer."


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