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"Shots Fired" Initiative

Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Several volunteers, from all 50 states, anyone and everyone welcomed...

"A society that is forced to applaud immorality will bring God's judgement."

If you have been wondering how you can help the efforts of like-minded Patriots to expose the truths critical to the advancement of Our American Republic, we have an important mission for you. No matter what your situation, if you have access to a computer, printer, and a mailbox, you can become part of the truth-telling Patriot network.

Our American Republic has several "Phase 1" initiatives currently underway:

  • Freedom Road - A network of patriot volunteers from Florida to Pennsylvania providing active emergency shelter and transportation needs for patriot activities warranting such services.

  • Make A Difference - A campaign to awaken the masses.

  • ComSecCor - An anonymous communications platform utilized by various patriot agencies in support of operations to advance the efforts of our Constitutional Republic.

The "Shots Fired" initiative is designed to accomplish these goals:

  • Inform, educate, and hold accountable all elected representatives at all levels of government as it relates to the safety, security, prosperity, and moral advancement of Our American Republic, its citizens, and future generations.

  • Inform, educate, and hold accountable all business sectors on issues relating to the safety, security, prosperity and moral advancement of Our American Republic, its citizens, and future generations.

  • Inform and educate pastoral leadership from all religious denominations.

Here's how the program works:

  1. Volunteers will subscribe to our site (Our American Republic). This will add you to the "Shots Fired" email list where you will receive specific instructions on each "target".

  2. A "target" is simply the person, entity, or agency we will target.

  3. Our team will prepare an "official" letter from "We the People" on behalf of all American citizens. Each letter will reference a specific issue and insist on action being taken to rectify the stated problem.

  4. All you have to do is print the letters and snail mail them to the specified recipients. We will not ask you to mail more than 10 letters a week although you are welcome to mail more if you would like. You will supply the envelopes and stamps and as part of "We the People", you will address each envelope without the use of a computer as hand-written letters are more likely to be opened and read. Should recipients want to reply, we will include a reply email for them to use - we will address all emails received and will communicate their comments to this team.

  5. While written letters are more effective, we may also direct similar efforts via email campaigns.

  6. Participants will remain anonymous. The return address will simply state "Our American Republic".

We are going to expose politicians and businesses who support nefarious, illegal, and activities detrimental to the advancement of Our American Republic (pedophilia, child exploitation, human trafficking, family value degradation, educational decline, oppression, etc). Our efforts will remain professional and straight to the point, with an expectation that these entities conform to the will of the majority of American Citizens. Anything less will require 'We the People" to use every means necessary afforded by the Constitution to protect the interests of all Americans.

When a politician, CEO, and their direct reports receive the same message from Americans from all 50 states, it will raise an eyebrow or two. What they decide to do with the information is their call.

In addition, we are going to provide pastoral leadership with information they can use to communicate to their congregations (see pdf document below) - this is one approach to help "awaken" the public to the truth.

Volunteers will be accountable only to themselves. Participate, don't participate, bail at any time, jump back in... this is simply a way for you to actively work against the deep state while advancing the interests of "We the People".

So what do you say? Do you have 1-2 hours a week to spare to help advance the cause of the American people? If so, subscribe below. If not this, please do something.



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"By this symbol, you will conquer."


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