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Please Make an Informed Choice

We only have one life to live on this planet... Live a life worthy of the special calling you have received.

Each of us will need to decide for ourselves if we are going to take the jab. For us, any disease that has a 99%+ survival rate does not merit taking the jab.

Please do your own research. We recommend starting here...

Gene code Injection - Dr Carrie Madej

Then dig a little deeper...

Post Vaccine Events:

CDC Reported COVID Vaccine deaths & side affects (6-week timeframe)

Other Deaths

156 Cases of facial asymmetry, Facial Palsy or facial paralysis[]=Facial+asymmetry+%2810068737%29&SYMPTOMS[]=Facial+dysmorphism+%2810016045%29&SYMPTOMS[]=Facial+palsy+%2810016060%29&SYMPTOMS[]=Facial+paralysis+%2810016062%29&SYMPTOMS[]=Facial+paresis+%2810051267%29&VAX=COVID19

Bell’s Palsy Issues (under investigation)


Tip of the Iceberg?


Doctors Against

Now you are better informed.

We are all called to live a life worthy of the special calling we have received. We hope you find yours and whatever it is, give it abundantly to those who need it.


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