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COVID Mandates: Notice of Liability

Updated: May 3, 2021

Fear is a huge motivator - You can hold your local officials accountable.

"Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom."

~2 Corinthians 3:17

Let your local county commissioners, school board members, educational commissioners, school principals and any other official who is supporting dangerous, draconian mask or vaccine mandates, know that THEY will personally be held liable for any sickness, injury, or death as a direct result of mask or vaccine mandates, initiated or supported by them.

It's time to stop conforming to the nefarious agendas being pushed by those who seek to control every facet of our lives. No more fear, no more defense.

Now it's time to play offense and turn the tables on these individual puppets of the oligarchs who support these destructive initiatives.

The process is simple:

  1. Download the attached document. One document is in PDF format and one is in Microsoft Word format.

  2. If you want to edit the document to add the recipient information, download the Word document.

  3. If you don't want to edit the document and just want to add handwritten recipient information, download the PDF document.

  4. Print the documents.

  5. Look up the addresses of your letter recipients.

  6. Mail the letter to the recipients.

  7. Optional: Once you have mailed your letters, return to this page and enter the names and titles of the recipients in the comments section below.

*Note: If you'd like to add a "degree of fear", take the letters to a local notary and have them notarized. This process usually costs about $2/document.

If you'd like to add another degree of fear, send the letters through the US Postal service requesting a certified letter of receipt (this will cost additional $).

That's it. If we can flood our local officials with these letters of liability, it will certainly make them think harder about the decisions they make. The more letters they receive, the better the chances they will comply with the will of the people.

Get with other parents from your child's school and spend a weekend addressing your local officials, spread this information on local social media platforms... get the word out and take some action!

Word version

We the People Mask Mandates and Vaccines
Download • 53KB

PDF Version

We the People Mask Mandates and Vaccines
Download • 171KB

"By this symbol, you will conquer."


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