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Coca-Cola vs We the People

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Coke supports BLM. Coke does not support Georgia's new election laws.

"Shots Fired" Initiative: Target 5

Target & Issue Overview

Coca-Cola has financially supported organizations with ties to the Black Lives Matter movement. The same BML who are responsible for nation-wide rioting, looting, harming American citizens and law enforcement, destroying local businesses and negatively impacting local economies.

Coca-Cola also recently announced it's disappointment with new voter laws introduced in the great state of Georgia, designed to minimize voter fraud. They are against voter ID's and claim it would suppress minorities. This is the same company teaching employees to be "less white".


We will inform Coca-Cola's CEO, Board of Directors, top 10 Shareholders, and every State Governor of the dissatisfaction of the American People towards their willingness to support organizations and policies that harm America values, businesses, citizens, and communities.

Our newly created "ICE" teams will begin a social media campaign to inform Coca-Cola's supply-chain employees of alternative employment options with strong organizations who are better aligned to traditional American values. These teams will also inform institutional customers within the education, corrections, tourism, hospitatility, and private sectors, of the company's position while providing alternative options from companies who espouse more traditional American values that are not aligned with radical organizations who are destroying our American cities.


Step 1

Download the below letter and save to your computer.

We the People Coca Cola
Download PDF • 201KB

Step 2

Send one letter to each of the below recipients, on behalf of as many states as you would like to represent. As each state is claimed, we will update the below US Map to reflect states completed.

Yellow - State selected

Red - State selected multiple times (encouraged!)


Coca-Cola Executive Leadership Team:

James Quincey

CEO, Coca-Cola

One Coca-Cola Plaza

Atlanta, Ga 30313

Brian Smith

President & COO, Coca-Cola

One Coca-Cola Plaza

Atlanta, Ga 30313

Lisa Chang

Global Chief People Officer, Coca-Cola

One Coca-Cola Plaza

Atlanta, Ga 30313


Coca-Cola Board of Directors:

Herbert Allen

Allen & Company, Inc

711 Fifth Ave

New York, NY 10022

Marc Bolland

Head of European Portfolio Operations

The Blackstone Group

345 Park Ave

New York, NY 10154

Christopher Davis

Chairman, Davis Selected Advisors

2949 East Elvira, Suite 101

Tucson, AZ 85756

Barry Diller

Chairman, IAC

555 West 18th St

New York, NY 10011

Helene Gayle

CEO, The Chicago Community Trust

225 N Michigan Ave

Chicago, IL 60601

Alexis Herman

CEO, New Ventures LLC

2 Crow Lane

Newburyport, MA 01950

Bobby Kotick

CEO Activision Blizzard

3100 Ocean Park Blvd

Santa Monica, CA 90405

Maria Elena Lagomasino

CEO, WE Family Offices

Rockefeller Center

1270 Avenue of the Americas

Suite 2108

New York, NY 10020

Caroline Tsay

CEO, Compute Software Inc

1953 Sage Loop

Mountain View, CA 94043

David Weinburg

CEO, Judd Enterprises

401 N Michigan Ave #3050

Chicago, IL 60611

* Our team will send letters to the top 10 Shareholders.

Step 3

Print the above letter and place one in each recipient's envelope.

Step 4

Address the envelope to the appropriate designee as indicated in the addresses above. Do not use your personal name and address for the return address - use "Our American Republic" instead, and include the state you are representing. This protects you from anyone contacting you directly. (See example below)

Step 5

Put a stamp on each of the envelopes and mail them (you will have to be willing to pick up the tab for envelopes and stamps).

Step 6

Leave a note here on this page and let us know which representatives and/or states you sent letters to.


You are not limited to representing just your state. Feel free to include as many different states as you would like! The more the merrier!

You will be contacted via email when the next target is ready! Thank you for doing your part! We realize this is a small effort but every effort counts. Multiply small, incremental efforts over time and watch the positive momentum sweep across the nation!

With much respect,


"By this symbol, you will conquer."


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