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Statement of Position: 2A

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

- March 30, 2021 –

Statement on behalf of We the People of the United States of America – The Republic


On behalf of the millions of legal gun-owning American citizens, we recognize our 2nd Amendment right for private citizens to keep and bear arms, and the collective right that can be exercised through “formal” militia units. We also espouse to the principle that the government does not have the right to disarm legal gun-owning American citizens.

We are particularly concerned about attempts by federally elected officials to subvert the constitutional rule of law regarding this amendment, and by introducing legislation that will restrict the ability of American citizens to defend this American Republic from any forces who might have cause to do them harm, or otherwise restrict the freedoms and liberties granted by the US Constitution. We are equally concerned that federal, state, and local “mandates” that run contrary to the US Constitution and the will of the American people will force our local law enforcement officers to choose between enforcing these draconian mandates and keeping their jobs or refusing to enforce these unconstitutional measures and getting fired.

The 2nd Amendment is not broken. It has NEVER been the root cause of gun violence. Most who support “trampling” on the 2nd Amendment have never held a weapon in defense of this great nation nor have they ever faced an impossible situation where their life, or the lives of others could have been spared using a legally owned firearm. Simply put, they live in a different world than most Americans who support the 2nd Amendment as originally written.

We implore our elected officials at the national, state, and local levels, to unequivocally support all the rights afforded by the 2nd Amendment; to resist any attempt to implement laws or mandates that subvert the rule of Constitutional law; and to NEVER place our uniformed officers in a position where they must choose between defending the constitutional rights of every American citizen or cower to the whims of a politically motivated cause resulting in potentially armed conflict with constitutionally law-abiding American citizens.

Ignoring the interests of most Americans and treating them as valueless citizenship will no longer be accepted. We now have the infrastructure and support mechanisms in place to track and monitor the legislative actions of our elected representatives, and, if necessary, to defend our Constitutional Rights as American citizens using all legal avenues afforded by the Constitution for the People. We are committed to defending Our American Republic – our freedoms, liberties, safety, security, and prosperity of its citizens, no matter the cost. We implore you to give this issue the highest priority.

In His service, and on behalf of all American citizens,

We the People

We the People 2nd Amendment
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"By this symbol, you will conquer."


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